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We at Gravity believe that anybody at any age, any location, single people or married couple with kids should have an opportunity to find good friends, relevant community or activity to be happier or just to enjoy life.

We believe that people should have opportunities to find a good company for any of their favorite activities, be it a simple walk or just a coffee together, or playing football, cooking, dancing or collecting stamps.

We believe that people shouldn’t suffer from isolation. They can be happy exercising and sharing their beloved activities with somebody else.

We want to break social stereotypes.
We want:

Elder people to do
any sports together
and socialise

Young people be able
to find good company and
friends not only at work
but outside it

Both single people and families
to be able to communicate
and share their hobbies
with other people.

As well we want to break through the city infrastructure inequality. People living in different cities or even city districts don’t have equal access to social infrastructure: playgrounds, sports fields, swimming pools, etc.

And we want to give people a digital place where they can gather and unite their efforts in organization of public infrastructure and getting help from city administration.


It is a social networking digital project and app that helps you to find a good mate easily whether for doing sports together, unique hobbies or just going to the concert or party. Your wishes make sense and Gravity is here to help them turn into reality.




Having a strong background in digital application development in a sphere of social apps, I decided to create my own social project that may help people to solve the biggest problem of the century – social isolation and loneliness.

In times of total domination of digital social networks and virtual artificiality people feel unsatisfied, unhappy or even lonely. Dating sites even aggravated the situation by its unsafe matching with weird strangers and uncomfortable functionality which made dating some boring routing.

I have investigated this problem and I believe that one of its reasons is the lack of a good real life activity infrastructure and lack of easy access to it from digital space.

People feel happy when they can realise their needs in activities in real life.

People feel unhappy when they have no opportunity to realise the. Lack of sport grounds, public places, hobby centers.

To solve this problem I decided to create Gravity, a digital project, which can serve as a digital platform for real life activities.

I believe that virtual meeting could be a good start point for real changes in life and improvement of city infrastructure.