How to start a new hobby or activity?

Do you have a dream that you haven’t been able to realise for several years and kept postponing it until better times? Let’s discuss how to get into doing what your dream is about and start enjoying what you are passionate about.

How to grow in tennis on your own?

You are already playing tennis and love this game. You know some basics and would like to extend your game experience. But you feel like some glass ceiling above is pressing you and you can’t move ahead towards reaching higher results and playing with stronger players. So, what is the way forward?

How to find a new partner for tennis?

If you are already familiar with tennis and you have some experience in this game. You would like to play it more often but you don’t have a regular partner. Here is some tips where and how to find the right one.

Tennis – the game for everyone

There are few sports that could be practiced at any age. And lawn tennis is one of them. This game is equally good for both kids and adults, for everyone from 5 to 90. Also, It’s really good for mental and physical health. The only thing you really need is interest in social active sports. 

Tennis – So easy to start!

Summer is such a beautiful time to stay outdoors. If you are active and looking for a new hobby, you may consider lawn tennis.
Tennis is a game accessible to everyone despite all stereotypes about it. It’s a game which requires intelligence, coordination, speed, strength and endurance taken all together.