Tennis – So easy to start!


            Summer is such a beautiful time to stay outdoors. If you are active and looking for a new hobby, you may consider tennis. 

Tennis is a game accessible to everyone despite all stereotypes about it. It’s a game which requires intelligence, coordination, speed, strength and endurance taken all together. If you don’t like to do sports alone or just go jogging to stay fit, consider tennis! Tennis is a game of characters! 

This game attracts people by the features that find reflection in their own personalities – challenge, stamina, cool community, etc. Besides, this is a game for any age!

And what appeals to you then? 

At a first glance tennis could seem a complex game: You need to find a tennis-court, easy for access, and a good trainer, to buy special sports equipment and outfit, the rules of the game are pretty complicated, to say nothing of coming across with some arrogance in the community…  Oh, I am afraid, it’s more than enough to give up!

But these stereotypes are not all true. Tennis is an easy to start and fast to learn game. You just need to turn your interest into action and find a playground nearby. That’s it! 


In general there are three main types of playgrounds: 

  • public city playgrounds 
  • tennis club playgrounds 
  • tennis playgrounds at generic sport centers 

Depending on the type of the playground the conditions for the beginners сan vary.

 Public city playgrounds

            Public city playgrounds are good if you already have someone to play with and have got tennis rackets and balls. If you don’t have a partner yet you can just post your call for a game at our Gravity site here or consider an open hour at some tennis club nearby

Tennis clubs

            Specialized tennis clubs often offer free play hours with a moderator. Usually, you are provided with a free-try rocket and tennis balls there. You will get some basic game explanation from the experienced player and after that you can start to play!

Also, clubs or adult education centers offer basic trainings to learn how to play in “tennis express start” format for more in-depth start-up.

If, after getting your first experience, you still hold interest in playing tennis you can consider the club membership. Club membership allows you to play tennis unlimited and also use the club’s comfortable infrastructure: locker rooms, showers, restaurants and so on.

Sport centers

           And finally, if the main criteria for you is time to get to the playground, just consider any generic sport center with tennis facilities nearby. There you, normally, reserve the time slot on the ground for the whole season. But if you want it only for occasional visits, you can simply consider booking via the Internet in the nearest tennis hall. 

So, after your first try, it's likely that you will find out that tennis is a passion and there are a lot of interesting and cool people playing it. Rules are simple and there is always someone who is ready to give you free help to grow. What you really need to play tennis is a love for active sports and challenge!

If you are interested in learning more about how to start playing tennis without big money investments, read our article “How to start play tennis without a trainer and expensive subscription”.

Hope to see you soon on the court!