Easiest way to start tennis without a trainer and expensive subscription?


             Are you ready to start playing tennis?! But how to avoid most of common challenges at the beginning? In this article we will review several useful tips.

             Tennis is a social game that requires so many different components to practice it: well equipped playground, rackets, balls and of course a partner who is ready to play with a beginner, etc. Seems to be troublesome to combine all at once on start? We would like to share some tips on how to avoid most of the challenges in the beginning without joining a club.

Tip #1 Friendly guide

             Actually, the easiest way is to start with someone who is already passionate about this game and knows how to play tennis even though they can do it only at a basic level. Usually, tennis players are happy to share their knowledge of the game and engage a new person in the club. Good experienced player can show you playgrounds around and explain the rules. Also can recommend a trainer or just can practice with you. All you need is keen interest. So, find a good supporting guide and you are in the game! 


Tip #2 Tennis club nearby

            If your interest in tennis doesn’t find support in your social circle and you don’t have a friendly guide, you may consider a tennis club as a starting point. They are always very happy to attract new participants and provide special programs for beginners such as free guided tennis lessons with personal trainer or in training groups. The club will provide you with all necessary equipment - free rackets and balls. You will learn the basics of the game - rules, how to hit and serve the ball, etc. Free tennis club hours are easy way to try the game and understand whether tennis is good for you. 

           If you would like to find a playground for your kids, tennis club will find best training format for them as well.

Tip #3 Find actual event at Gravity

            Gravity is a social search engine. It helps people find interesting activities and people with relevant interests. In particular it provides actual info about tennis related events organised by tennis clubs, communities and individual people.

To find someone who would like to play tennis this week just type ‘tennis’ in a Gravity search field and it will show user profiles who are open for playing. Contact the person and agree about when and how you can play. Also, you can find tennis events around, where you can become familiar with a club or just watch a tournament.

          So, these are the real tips which have helped a lot of beginner tennis players overcome their shyness, fears and stereotypes and let them start to play and have fun with this very positive game. Hope they will be helpful for you as well!