How to grow in tennis on your own?


             You are already playing tennis and love this game. You know some basics and would like to extend your game experience. But you feel like some glass ceiling above is pressing you and you can’t move ahead towards reaching higher results and playing with stronger players. So, what is the way forward?

Well as usual you have several options to solve the task. Let’s discuss them.

Tip # 1 Practice in real games as much as possible

             Well, you may think that your main problem is lack of technique. But in tennis players could spend years and years being coached by very good trainers with little progress in a real game. The reason for this is the lack of real game practice. To grow we need to meet the challenge, an opponent who can show his intention to win and who doesn't want to lose the game. It can really challenge your skills and reveal your weak sides. 

So playing and practicing you will start to grow by learning. You can check the article "How to find a new partner for tennis?" to learn more how to find an opponent.


Tip #2 Give attention to your typical mistakes

             Actually, in tennis many things depend on body motorical reaction and simply on physics. During real games or practicing with a trainer you may notice that you are making the same errors again and again. For example, a ball hits the tennis net or flies too high or flies away out of the border lines, etc. Typically, reasons for these regular errors are simple, for example: 

  • if the ball flies too high, it means that the racket hit is from the wrong position or with so called “open head” 
  • if the ball hits the net, that could be because of too short racket wave
  • if the ball flies away out the side line, that could be because of shoulder rotation.

So, the main idea is to analyze your errors and figure out how they could be avoided by modifying your movements. And if you can’t fix the problem by yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your game partner or more experienced players.

Tip #3 Challenge with higher level players and play play play

             It’s not pleasant to lose indeed! But if you want to grow, you should opt for playing as much as possible with really experienced opponents and having some trainings with a professional coach. 

Strong opponent could show you what you are really missing in your technique. To find one you can ask in the club or search for a person with interest for challenge in Gravity

Good coach, with whom it’s comfortable to train, could become a good mentor and a friend as well. He will help to improve your skills and show you good exercises for perfecting your style. Also, he may work out an individual program for you, which will help to eliminate your typical errors (see the #Tip 2).

Tip #4 Visit summer tennis camp

             Well, if you prefer active vocations and want to get away from a boring life routine doing sports, you can consider visiting tennis camp. In such a camp you will have all you need: good infrastructure, new professional trainers, new opponents and new challenges. Also, these camps allow you to combine both sports and recreation, so you can spend time alternating regular tourism with playing tennis. 

After camping with top professional mentors and experienced players, you will see how much the new friendly environment contributed in the progress you have made. 

We do hope that all these tips will help you to grow fast having fun, with no stress. And you will always feel the joy of the game!