Hobbies as important key to good work-life balance and mental health


             Stress… our everyday life is full of stress. How to stay active and rise to the challenge? Let’s talk about why good habits and hobbies could be a right solution to overcome stress.

Our everyday life is pretty hectic, it lacks positive news. And also we can be self-indulgent sometimes and have an exaggerated view of the problem. As a result, we are overloaded with stress. The reasons for it can be the most diverse, but now with the recent global crises in view, the situation has become even worse. We have so many random, negative processes that are beyond our control and which greatly concuss our lives. How to shake off this random noise and negative context? How to quickly restore internal resources and function normally in everyday life? How to find a way in this so dark and frightening environment? What can help to have a clear view of the situation?

In stressful situations human reactions can be different depending on personality. Each person should find its own optimal way to recharge. What works well for one person doesn’t help another. But one of the main rules to free yourself of stress is: “Always do what you normally love doing - follow your good habits”.

Indeed, if a very difficult situation arises in life, always find time for good and beloved activity that can help to refocus your thoughts. That could be:

  • Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Doing sports
  • Dancing
  • Singing/Playing music
  • or any other beloved activity

And as you can notice most of these activities actually could be hobbies, if they are practiced regularly.


Good hobbies for shaking of stress

             Indeed, hobbies are good friends of ours. When we do hobbies, we can feel that we are individuals and we can feel comfortable. The good thing about hobbies is that you can practice them in any mood, be it positive or negative. Whether you are angry, exhausted, frightened, or simply tired you can freely express all your emotions in it.

  • Draw your anger
  • Sing out loud about your sadness
  • Play beloved song and feel new range of emotions
  • Jog and meditate meanwhile

So, to put it shortly, hobbies are an efficient way to restore emotional balance. And good emotional balance can improve both your body and mental health. On the contrary, stress accumulated in our bodies can lead us to depression and illnesses. So, to return back to comfortable “being yourself” you just need to spend time doing what you really love. And this will help you to shape up your work-life balance and improve your endurance.

Hobbies are our good friends not only in hard times, they are also useful when we feel happy. I noticed that actually our beloved activities can help us develop faster, be creative and find new out-of-the-box solutions. So, I recommend you to resume your old hobby.

Simple tips how to choose right hobby

If you don't have a hobby at the moment, there are some ways to find an appropriate one. For example:

  • Call to mind what you wanted to do as a kid. Usually in childhood we fall in love with activities that suit us perfectly.
  • Refresh your memory what recently hooked you: some event, some person, some activity.
  • Follow your good friends’ advice who call you to try new activities with them: dancing, snowboarding, surfing, whatever. It's always much better to do something with a friend then alone.

Also you can check "How to start a new hobby or activity?" that will help you to find and start a new hobby faster.

We do hope this short article was useful!